Ai Cluster is participating in very challengeable projects with other institutions or organizations like the SETI institute or Quest for SPACE Institute. 

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Que es "The Earthling Project"?

Es una iniciativa que tiene como finalidad crear un acervo vocal y musical a nivel global para dejar un mensaje en el tiempo que a través de la música y la tecnología exprese lo que hoy somos y hemos sido a lo largo de nuestra existencia como seres humanos.

Dicha iniciativa fue creada por el reconocido compositor mexicano Felipe Pérez Santiago en colaboración con la Dra. Jill Tarter co-fundadora y anterior directora del SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) así como el Profesor Charles Lindsay, director del Programa de Residencias Artísticas del SETI Institute, 

Este proyecto esta respaldado por el SETI institute y por el Artificial Intelligence Cluster quienes confían en la viabilidad y desarrollo del mismo.

Visita para mas detalles

Visita para mas detalles



WHAT IS "Quest for Space Project"?

Launch your school to new heights in STEM

Quest for Space is an NGSS-alligned, innovative STEM program that provides teachers and students the 21st Century Learning tools needed to create, upload and run their own experiments aboard the International Space Station (ISS).

Engaging and Integrated STEM

Get students engaged from day one through hands-on, real-world applications of STEM in space! Students actively apply science, technology, engineering and math throughout the program . 

Full Support fro teachers and schools

Teachers are supported with complete curriculum, lesson plans, training videos, an experiment booklet, help desk, and more! Our affordable, end-to-end program provides all the resources, tools and equipment needed.

Make your school stand out

When parents discover your STEM program is operated on the International Space Station, they'll take notice!

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