Aug 2019 - National Law of Mexico for Science and Technology

Co-Founder and President Ing Victor Hernandez proposing four recommendations to improve the Law for Science and Technology in Mexico during a visit to the city of Monterrey Mexico


Jul 2019 - Alan

With David Cueva CEO of D2 Smart Software, Board of Directors from La Rodadora 

Mr. Murgia, IBM Watson NY Representative and 

Victor Hernandez Co-Founder & President 

of the Ai Cluster 


Jun 2019 - Alan's Inauguration

In collaboration with IBM Watson, La Rodadora Kid's Museum and D2 Smart Software company, Alan is an Ai Application displayed on La Rodadora were more than 700 kids will talk with Allan in a daily bases and the goal is to teach these kids the meaning of Ai.


Jun 2019 - Signing MOU with NMSU

Creating synergy with NMSU University. Here with Ph.D Enrico Pontelli, Dean of Art and Science. 


Jun 2019 - El Paso Technology Council

Ai Cluster participating on El Paso Technology Council together with representatives from Prudential, Microsoft Techspark and Borderplex. 


May 2019 - Federal Science and Technology Committee

Federal Congressman and representing the National Science and Technology Committee discussing with Ai Cluster of how to implement R&D in the country of Mexico.


May 2019 - El Paso Texas Mayor

Ai Cluster creating synergy with the Mayor of El Paso Texas. Discussing how to implement Artificial Intelligence programs in the Region.


May 2019 - Grants for university students

Congratulations to student  Juan Carlos Rosas  y Manuel Humberto Vazquez from the Technological University of Ciudad Juarez (UTCJ) for winning a Grant provided by the Ai Cluster. The idea, we help you today, you will help others tomorrow !


March 2019 - Ciudad Juarez Councilors

Explaining DNA and Mission of the Ai Cluster and presenting Ai Programs that can be implemented in the Region.


Dec 2018 - Quest for Space

Discussing how to implement STEM programs that support experiment on the International Space Station (ISS).


Jun 2018 - Late Night con Badia

El Late Night con Badia interviewed Elias Chacon Director of Ai Cluster Young Chapter


IBM visiting Cd Juarez to work together with Ai Cluster

IBM / Waston signed a letter of intent to start working with Ai Cluster.

Ai Cluster in Europe - Conference of the Catalan Association for Artificial Intelligence

Phd. J Rodas presents - Thursday, Oct 26 at 1pm. 

Phd G Rivera presents - Thursday, Oct 26 at 1:45pm

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